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Why worldwide Agency loves partnering with us

#1 White Label PPC Adwords Management.

We have one of the best processes when it comes to Google Adwords management.

In order to scale digital agency, getting leads and client is just half of the equation. 

90% of digital agency failed to scale because they do not have good SOP and talents.

Most companies offered white label solution that doesn’t bring scalable results. 

They lowered down their white label PPC fees and minimal optimisation effort so that they can serve more clients and that is their business model to scale! 

For us , we don’t just offered white label ppc but some really in-depth and guidance on how to kickstart and grow your agency. 

This is why agency partners working with us , stays for more than 3 years.

Our bullet-proof PPC management process

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1. Free Campaign Audit

Free Unlimited Adwords Audit

  • Unlimited in-depth Adwords account audit and proposal to help agency client improve sales closing rate
  • Free Strategy Template from our database which includes search, display and google shopping approach
  • Total white label brand, includes your agency logo and design
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2. Adwords Validation Campaign

On page optimisation

  • Validation. Identify what is the best Cost per acquisition (CPA) and Return of ad spend (ROAS) on Adwords
  • CRO baselines - Find out what is the funnels / website conversion rate
  • Website speed optimisation - Full website speed test for both Desktop and Mobile and applying strategy to improve for conversion rate.
  • Funnel testing. - Test sales funnel performance to determine what is the baselines and optimisation strategy
  • Quality Score (QS) optimisation on onpage
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3. Adwords Scaling Strategy

Scaling Facebook ads from 1-5K / month to 20K-50K / month

  • Run small scale ads to identify Adwords best cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Identify what is the right messaging / angle that works for Adwords Search / Display audience
  • Identify eCommerce funnels that works
  • Identify eCommerce funnels that works
  • Identify hybrid strategy by using "Customer Journey Ads" in Facebook retargeting

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Join Our World Class White-Label PPC Program

Grow your agency business by upselling White Label PPC Adwords to your existing clients.

Why Choose White label PPC to scale your digital marketing agency?
Among all the digital marketing services, white label ppc is the most stable and solid marketing channel compared to other services such as white label SEO or white label Facebook Ads.

Why? Due to the nature and behaviour of how people search for products in Google, white label PPC will always perform well if the product market fit is great and proper on going optimisation.

Comparing to other marketing channels such as white label SEO and white label Facebook ads, there are a lot of factors that will contribute to the performance. Sometimes it’s not about the optimisation but the nature of the platform itself such as algorithm update is big headache for lots of marketing agency out there

If you are already serving your clients with white label Facebook ads and SEO, upselling them to white label PPC will definitely be a great strategy for increasing your agency profit.

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How does white label PPC works?

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Branded Adwords Campaign Audit

One of the most important steps when it comes to Google Adwords is Audit and Strategy. We usually offer client unlimited campaign audit and strategy proposal to help agency partners in closing sales. Every campaign is different and unique by it owns. Adwords strategy are very different and highly depending on product it self. Some business can get 6-7X Return Of Ad Spend (ROAS) but some just barely breaking even. This is why an Adwords audit would allow us to understand how well we can scale the campaign. The comprehensive campaign audit is totally free of charge and will be branded to client’s agency brand.
White Labels

Marketing Campaign Onboarding / Creation

Before any campaign is being launched in Adwords, we will send a campaign sheet where client and agency partners are able to look at the entire brand messaging, product descriptions and visuals being used in the ads. This is to ensure the marketing is aligned with produdct and brand positioning and also to ensure highest quality at all time. With just a glance, client and agency owners are able to approve everything from ads copy, visuas, and strategy

White Labels

Client Retention and Growth Strategy

On the average, eCommerce campaign retention is about 1-2 years depending on what are the results and expectation of client. Besides from digital marketing white labels offering, we are offering some world class growth hacking strategies which we called Scale X. Scale X is a growth hacking program where we take client’s eCommerce to 5X their eCommerce within a year, using the best in class technology such as AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) , FIA (Facebook Instant Article) and Canvas technology The program is only available for selected eCommerce and there will be waiting time so agency partners are required to apply 3 months in advance to be eligible for Scale X program.

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Read our case study

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Reduced Adwords CPA by 250% and Scaled
to 13 new countries

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Strong LiftWear

Founded in Melbourne , Australia. Scaled the campaign to US with CPA at $8.89 both Facebook and Adwords

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Peloha Essentials

Discover how we growth-hacked Peloha Essentials e-commerce in Facebook and Adwords with tripwires and reduced CPA to $5

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Kindred bravely

How we grew the eCommerce from $10K / month to about $100K within 6 months through Facebook Ads and Adwords

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Do we completely hide our identity?

Yes! From PPC campaign audit, onboarding the campaign and optimisation strategy we will completely hide our identity or use your agency brand.

Do we provide branded PPC report for client?

Yes! All of our PPC reporting , PPC proposals and growth strategy will be branded to your agency.

Do we managed 100% of the PPC accounts?

Yes. We have in-house team of more than 15 PPC specialist and 3 account managers. The PPC campaigns will 100% be fulfilled by our team.

How do we get started with PPC campaign?

To get started, we will request access via email and prepare for PPC audit. Once audit is done we will share with agency partners and decide if we are confident to scale the campaign.

How much is the PPC white label fees?

For PPC white labels, we charge about $850/ month one flat rate.


Some of the PPC strategy that we will include as below


PPC retargeting

Cross-channel strategy that is highly effective across all different marketing channels such as Youtube, Google Display Network, and combining with Facebook Ads

Google Shopping ads

The most effective Google ads for eCommerce products. It's also called PLA (Product Listing Ads) that have better performance for eCommerce

Hybrid FB ads + Google Adwords

Combining both Google Adwords + Facebook Ads to ensure optimum results and highest ads exposure. Works very well for eCommerce, SaaS and lead gen

Using Chatbot in PPC effort

Chatbot is the most effective for user acquisition strategy for both Adwords / FB ads campaign.

Applying social influence into PPC

Turning social influence into part of ads retargeting journey both Adwords and Facebook Ads

Conversion Rate Optimization

Optimize websites using Scale-X program

PPC lead generation optimisation

Optimise for leads acquisiton

Mobile and desktop optimisation

Focused on speed optimization for lower bounce rate and better navigation flow

don't take our words for it , hear from our clients


eCommerce that we scaled using PPC and FAcebook ads


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