Frequently Asked Question : White Label Facebook Ads campaign

Q: Will we run ads to warm audience ( ie those who like the page) and to cold audience?

A: Within Facebook, we look at past data of audience and behavior that convert the best. We will use that to create a better scaling strategy.

Q: How will the budget for ad spend be allocated? i.e Fb and Instagram split?

A: We usually would allocate 80% of the ad budget to Facebook and remaining 20% on instagram as starting. However, these budget will be changed and scaled based on CPA and ROAS on first week.

Q: What do you think the initial monthly budget needs to be? I have indicated 500-1000 to the client to start with.

A: We highly recommend to allocate at least $500-$1000 in the first month to try out. Anything lower than $500 will be difficult for us to run test.

Q: Growth - For most of our eCommerce client, we resort to buying behaviour and data detailing each of the different profile to run a good campaign" - would you mind explaining exactly what you are saying here?

A: From previous buying behaviour and data tracked on Facebook history, we are able to determine the best audience that will convert better. Based from this, we can structure a way to go after the profile that will convert better.

Q: can you help me with a couple of definition?

  • Lookalike Strategy

  • Bidding Strategy

A: Lookalike is one of the Facebook audience function where we can upload / turn custom audience into a new “amplified” audience where they carry similar online behaviour and attributes, this will allow better campaign performance. While bidding strategy can be varied under different situation, we leverage on manual bidding for different purpose.

Q: Once the campaign structure is set up and approved, will we be able to set some KPI's (modest ones) around ROAS and CPA?

A: Usually, we need a week after running it to see the baseline stats before we can set some expectations on ROAS.

Q: Is this for just the 1st week/ round of ads? Will we map out the FB Ad Customer journey later? ie. taking them from awareness......all the way to buying?

A: Yes. Customer journey comes from testing and knowing what worked best. Once we know the different phase customer go through before convert, we will be able to create a proper Facebook ads journey to lower our acquisition cost

Q: Will the ad sheet be across FB and Instagram?

A: We usually start with FB first and do Insta later on

Q: Is there a reason you would not do Instagram to start with?

A: Not a major issue, but when we launch, we normally start with 1 channel first. Then a couple of days later, we launch the 2nd channel just to stabilize optimization for a channel first. But besides that, none. Not a major issue, if you want us to launch both at the same time, we can do that too. You just have to provide the visuals - square visuals.

Q: Are the ad copies you’ll submit final? Or we can provide feedback?

A: Please send feedback on the ad copy

Q: Since this is just the first Ad and Ad copy, where do we go from here? Once the initial ad is approved, how do we plan out the strategy for future ads that take our new audience along their customer journey? Do we do that on the fly so to speak? or once this 1st ad is approved and we map out the next month for example?

A: Here’s how it works -

1. We first launch the ads and targeting that is laid out in the sheet.

2. We continually observe the performance from Day 1.

3. In Day 2, we will pause some ad sets, create new targeting, reallocate ad spend to ad sets that are working. Basically, a lot of testing.

4. New targeting will be constantly tested on the fly so we won't be doing any more ad sheets. It will slow us down if every new ad set needs approval.

5. Every week, a report will be sent to you to detail what was our best campaign, what worked and what optimization strategy for the week ahead

6. We will send daily stats in the Skype group (except weekends).

7. We will also request new materials such as visuals, or maybe special campaign materials such as mothers day, fathers day visuals and promo from you along the way.

Q: Are we going to plan everything? Or we see what will work first ( based on strategy) and then pivot accordingly?

A: Yes, the key thing is to know the baseline stats based on the first 7 to 10 days. After that, we will have a baseline CPA figure for example so we can plan on a larger scale.

Q: What content are you suggesting we promote in these initial ads? Video? Link to a blog? What is the call to action?

A: We prefer to prospect by videos first if you have videos we can use. If there’s none, the worse case scenario is just starting with normal photos first. If videos, we need videos less than 40 seconds long. It's the cheapest way to get a custom audience. Besides video, if they have articles, blog articles, we can use them as well to get custom audiences. People tend to prefer list-based articles such as “5 ways to know if a wagyu beef is a high quality”, “Top 7 things etc”, "7 insider tips on how to cook Wagyu beef like professional chefs" or maybe something like "5 little known facts about Wagyu Beef". Easily digestible list articles have high engagements.

Q: Will we be a/b testing different images and copy?

A: Yes, split testing will be done on ad copy and visuals. So we need at least 2 sets of visuals first.

Q: You reference ' long description' in the ad copy, where will this appear in the ad?

A: Long description is rarely used and only appears on desktop newsfeed ads. It's below the headline and gets cutoff usually.

Q: How long will we run this ad before we try others?

A: If it works, we run it for more than a week. By a month, we have to change them due to ad fatigue.

Q: What will call to action/ button be? And will we link it just to 'shop' page on site?

A: It varies, but usually, there will be a promo page or home page. In writing articles, we suggest putting a section below the article that mentions the website and link to the product page. Basically, the article will be like talking about the problem/solutions and at the bottom is a reminder/call to action to "get quality wagyu" > links to either homepage or the product page.

Q: If we link it to a blog post on site, we make sure on that blog post page that it's super easy to place an order/ get to the shop, right?

A: Yes or at least know about the product more

Q: Retargeting ad copy, will this be different from prospecting?

A: We need to create more base on what content we have for prospecting. We’re starting with just one now. But if we have articles, we can change to something like "thanks for reading our article, etc etc" for retargeting.

Q: Target audience - 18-65 is very broad.  Is it logical that we start broad and refine as we go along?

A: We start broad first, but if you feel the client might flip out, we can change the ad sheet to reflect older age. we can change it to 25, 25 - 65, or 25-55

Q: Just looking through the campaign ad sheet - the ' interests' and ' must also match' fields. Can you explain more in details how does it work?

A: For retargeting, we don’t put limits and interests because we are retargeting warm people that visited the site and read the articles. It’s best not to put too many, age maybe we can put, and that's about it.

Q: For the Carousel ads, will we be running these in the 1st couple of weeks?

A: On paper, it's in the first few weeks but it's hard to put a specific duration as if it doesn't work, we will scrap it in days. So we do change quite fast if it doesn't work. We will change the images and copy if it doesn't work. And if it still doesn't work, we might scrap carousel.

Q: What does MP- WC reference? "MP_WC_Prospecting"

A: MP is our naming convention, it actually means our agency “missionprotocol”. We can change it to your agency name if you prefer.

Q: Is it possible to set some KPI's/ goals/ minimum expectations?

A: This is tough especially without a baseline. We normally don't set these this early on. After about 1 week plus of running it, we can talk about the expectations and KPIs. It's hard to set anything without historical data/stats.

Q: We achieved X ROAS, so what is the next steps?

A: Once we achieved X ROAS ( good results), we will recommend the client to launch an SEO campaign and Google Adwords

Q: My clients Facebook Ads conversion rate is low, how can I help to increase?

A: We will recommend the client to optimize for speed, social influence ( reviews) and making the site looks good.

Gerald Ming