Client FAQ 2

1) Opportunity

Which service should I start offer to clients?

-Facebook Ads + IG ads.
-Google Search
- Google Shopping.
- Google Display Network.
- Youtube Ads.

By understanding the business nature first, such as

- Product / Services.

- Are they into B2B or B2C?

- What is their sales cycle. Eg, awareness, learning, comparison, buy, grow. < how long is the sales cycle happen usually?

- Is their offering / service / product is lifestyle driven or very niche or very traditional?

If life style driven such as eCommerce, trendy product> Facebook + IG will be great.

If niche offering such as high tickets coaching, website solution like SaaS , lead generation. > Facebook Ads + IG, Google Search + GDN retargeting, Youtube Ads.

Best way to identify which channel will be best is by knowing the keywords to the service or product.

Eg, productivity coaching ( b2b service) or content marketing agency (b2b service) or women dinner dress (b2c product , lifestyle)

To know if SEO / Google search is potential, we will look at keyword search volume in that country + keyword difficulty.

Let’s say the search volume is 60 search and above / month, with keyword difficulty below 10 , and Google CPC is below than $6 per click. ( We are using Ahrefs tool.) , then this will be ideal for Google Search + SEO

Google Search can start off with just search, then we can deploy Google retargeting using GDN (Google display network)

2) Pricing, onboarding process, services, deliverables, reporting


Kindly refer to our pricing page.

For more of other service, may login to

We offer $100 discount for two service subscribed at the same time ( only applicable to first time user) Use this code WELCOME100

Once purchased any of the services, there will be no refund. However, if during on boarding process and client cancelled before we launched ads, you may reuse the same order for a new client.

However if campaign has been launched and client cancelled, there will be no campaign replacement for new client.

Onboarding process.

Please read this document.

For more of campaign strategy, deliverables and reporting,

You may view this page.

3) Creatives and strategy

Things we provide when it comes to creatives.

Ads copywriting.
Minor image editing , such as adding simple call to action in the images.

We don’t provide video ads creation. Client have to provide us with videos.

If they asked, what kind of video ads that will perform well,

May refer to this content.

Please bare in mind, text in the video should have maximum 20% text ratio for better approval rate.

Some of the creatives strategy that we deploy with Video ads will be Facebook Instant experience for mobile, works very well for lead generation campaign.

4) Client performance and recommendation.

As performance is subjective to product and offering, it is also influence by a lot of other reason such as sales copywriting, landing pages conversion rate and etc.

We don’t promise that performance will be the same for all campaigns, but what we’ll do is provide the best SOP when it comes to campaign structure and optimisation strategy.

When campaign results didn’t worked well , we will recommend some new different creatives, creating more social contest and better brand engagement.

For more details about contest (one of the most effective way to build up audience,) you may learn about this tool here.

Collection Ads + FB instant experience

Collection Ads + FB instant experience

Creatives guideline.

We don’t offer graphic design / video editing. Client have to provide us with all the banner design or video if required.

However, we can provide the best practise when it comes to designing a good advertisement on Facebook.

Before we dive into best practises for ads creatives, below here are the list of ads we usually deploy and proven to have better results compare to other ads format.

Image ads

This is usually just one single or single video ads.

Text must follow 20% text rule , otherwise Facebook will slow down the ad reach even though it got approved. It’s the same with Video where all the text within video must be less than 20%

It is advisable to add strong call to action on the image , video such as

Sign up now.
Free Trial

The best image sizing will be 1200*812 for optimised placement across all devices or you may follow this guideline for every sizing here.

Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads are consist of several scrollable images as show here.

It’s very effective for retargeting for eCommerce / lead generation.

It is advisable to add strong call to action on the image , video such as

Sign up now.
Free Trial

The best image sizing will be 1200*812 for optimised placement across all devices or you may follow this guideline for every sizing here.

The best practises

Collection ads + Facebook instant experience.

This ads format have the best conversion rate specially when users are browsing on mobile phone.

It consist of video ( best to keep it 30-60 seconds) with good call to action such as

Sign up now.
Free Trial

Since collection ads and instant experience are able to show multiple images below video ads as following

We’ll need a video (30-60 seconds) and 4 images.

The guideline for these 4 images can be

( please follow 20% text rules for all images if you wanted to add text)

1. event images, if you are promoting membership / events
2. features of your software etc.
3. case study. Images of influencer using your product / service.

There is no strict rules on which image to use, but the rule is to make the Facebook instant experience looks interesting and engage with the ads.

For Instagram.

For Top funnel, mid funnel, and bot funnel.

Top funnel works best with video ads.

We will do split testing with simple video ads format and collection ads + FB instant experience.

Mid funnel works best with collection ads + FB instant experience.

Bot funnel works best with FB instant. We will deploy several different format as well to see what works best especially for lowering down CPA / ROAS

However, based on the above creatives, it will be sufficient for us to launch any ads format for further testing / optimisation.

Gerald Ming