Peloha Essentials Case Study


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Peloha sells essentials oils and related products
online across the world.

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Brand awareness, preference & loyalty - a number of existing mlm companies (competitors) that offer similar product. Peloha is considered “new brand” in the market.

Our Solution

We did careful analysis with their on-going campaigns and come out with better identifications. With Peloha customer database and traffic, we created a very lean campaign structure (using different approaches from their on-going campaigns) to reach out for the audiences.


Improved FB Ads tracking in G.A

White Label

White Label

White Label

Optimization and
Viewing Performance

Split ad placements into Desktop, Mobile and Right Hand Side Newsfeed
Three campaigns based on the ad placements By doing this, we are to able test run, optimize and make wiser decisions i.e. which campaign/ad placement works better/the best. Different ad set/targeting may vary from each other in term of performance.



Build custom audiences from the people that visit Peloha website. Create lists of Visitors of Website, Buyers, Non-buyers Layered/segment it with some interests targeting (non-buyers custom audiences)
Narrow ad sets/targetings by layering/segment i.e. add interests that are relatable to the nature of your business (product/service) I.e. for Peloha (beauty and health related products), we created a list of interests such as Therapeutic, Natural Beauty, Meditation, Yoga, Chakra Healings etc.


Dark Post

We created “Dark Post”, generally Facebook dark posts are News Feed style ads that don't publish to your Timeline or in your fans' feeds organically. It acts like an advertisement.

White Label

White Label

White Label


Created our own Facebook Ad structure that helps keep CPA low and ROI always in the picture. Achieved over 500 conversions/purchases each week.


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