Mahabis Case Study


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Mahabis designed slippers for the 21st century and sell online
with over 1M+ traic all over the world.

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To penetrate the Asian market and derive revenues. The Asian market is targeting considerably smaller countries eg. HK, S.Korea, JP, SG, Aus, NZ etc. as compared to their existing major market - UK & US.

Our Solution

We did a careful analysis on their ongoing campaigns and came out with better identifications. With mahabis’s huge customer database and traic, we created a very lean campaign structure (using dierent approaches from their on-going campaigns) to reach out for asian audiences/market.



Beat out other agencies in terms of CPA and achieved up to 900
conversions/purchases at CPA lower than £45 in 50 days.

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This chart shows our performance on Mahabis, as compared to the
client’sother agencies from the UK & US. We had the lowest CPA.

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Reducing the CPA

The foundation of how this campaign improved lies in the structure of the ads which we came up with and used for all our campaigns. We will explain the structure in detail in the next few chapters. Besides that these are the key factors for lowering mahabis’ CPA.


Create new targets (similar to converting ad sets)

Duplication of campaigns/ad sets that are converting I.e. we duplicated campaigns that are converting (same ad sets/targeting)
The duplication can be at campaign level or ad set level The duplication/version 2 and 3 will consist of ad sets (only) that are converting in original campaign/ version.
However, budget in version 2 & 3 will be at minimal (test run, adding slowly when converting)

Insert manual bidding that is relatively higher than the market value/range

given by Facebook
Accelerate the ad delivery


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