Social media marketing white labels to upsell for your agency client

Roughly 8 years ago when I started my first SEO agency, I was like every new agency entrepreneur focusing on delivering results through my expertise. I was working really hard to make things happen, making sure client is happy and keep a long term relationship with client.


There is nothing wrong with it. Every agency go through this exact process, the tedious and hard process to grow agency.


But soon I realised there is some smart way around it. Other bigger agencies especially in the US started to contact us and white label our Facebook Ads service.


The thing is, they are specialise agency which means they only do either just Adwords, or SEO. After several successful FB ads campaign, they started to bring in lots of campaign and create a very lucrative offerings to their client.


This is the moment where my team and I realised that the best way to scale agency is through white labels. If you do not have that expertise doesn’t mean you can’t offer the service, you just need to know how to find a good white label provider maximize the potential.


Listed down here are the 3 reasons to upsell social media marketing through white labels.


1. Helps client to be profitable with FB Ads


The key thing with white label offering is that you need to be profitable with the campaign as quick as you could. This is where client is happy to pay you for retainers as long as you delivery the results.


The best client to go after for selling FB ads will be eCommerce. Why? Because with eCommerce it’s easy to be profitable with ads. Try to stay away from lead gen types of client because it requires lots of effort to close the sales.


2. Improve brand awareness.


With social media marketing white labels, new brands are the best client to offer this because they need to improve brand awareness. With some smart strategy, awareness campaign can be profitable if done it right.


3. Finding the right way to engage with users.


Brand engagement is definitely one of the key foundation to be success for brands. It helps to train and collect users data through Facebook Pixel where it can be profitable to sell the products through retargeting and engaged users.


At White labels, we offer Facebook Ads white label and social media white label for agencies that are looking for ways to upsell for their client. Speak to us today to learn how other big agency are scaling their business with White Labels.

Gerald Ming