What is brand empathy and how it can help eCommerce scale easily?

As we are now living in a very crowded and noisy world, it became really hard for brands to stand out and differentiate themselves among the competition.

The very common mistake what people do when they launch their brand is to focus 100% on developing the products and then focused on launching the product. They didn't spend enough time to think of the brand, which is crucial because that is the reason people get engaged and inspired by why you do it, not what you sell.

Simon Sinek once said this, “people dont buy what you do, people buy why you do it”.

Brand empathy is the ability to speak your brand story and mission for the business. After successfully launched more than 150 eCommerce stores, we realized one trait that stand out really well, sales were off the roof and inventory run low before they could even restock their product. These are the following strategy why they are able do so well with brand empathy.

  1. Customers loved their story

  2. Every product has background information, or why it was created.

  3. In Facebook Ads, instead of sales copy they actually promote the story of individuals who have overcome certain obstacles and embrace the movement

Seth Godin said the only difference between $10 and $100 bottle of wine is the story that being told. Yet people love it because they believe the story, the value and how it resonates with their own core values.

Story is the #1 reason why people buy luxury products. From our data analysis, we realized that eCommerce that do well are able to share their story and values really well. We look at data such as recurring visits, which translate to how engaging is their product and story.

If you are having hard time trying to scale your eCommerce business, take a step back and look at how you can create your story and your mission. The deeper values you created for each of the service or product offering, you will realized there are lots of story to be told!

Once you have done this, you will be able to see higher conversion rate, engagement and recurring traffic.

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Gerald Ming