White label business opportunities 2018

White label business opportunities 2018

During the Growth Hack Summit last year in San Francisco, something really struck me hard as an agency owner.

Most of the summit participants were SaaS entrepreneur which is a totally different ball game when it comes to building an agency. However, during the sharing session, I learned something which I’ll probably take another 10-15 years to learn to be able to apply this concept to the agency business model. It is the theory of moving away from “broad”, but go deeper into providing values.

Like me, you must be thinking how does this apply to agency business model. Well, if you’re an agency offering digital marketing services such as SEO (search engine optimization), Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, go deeper strategy could be providing more values that nobody else is offering. Try to deep dive into the pains of clients running their business and learn about what other tasks they are willing to outsource or let other professionals handle. Sometimes, you will find out the truth that you never imagined will be valuable.

In my agency, I found out that lots of eCommerce owners find it really difficult to optimize their conversion rate on the store and often pays a lot of money in hiring part-time consultants for optimization that didn’t work. For that reason, during our monthly Skype call, I told my clients that we can take this load from them. I always propose that my team will handle all the necessary optimization on a monthly basis and charge on retainer rate with KPI of more sales and conversion. I actually closed the deals within 5 minutes. Seeing how capable we are in optimization, a few even offered to pay more for additional help.

This process of finding your agency values might be different depending on the client you work with. However, the framework will remain the same which is to provide more values to your clients. Another challenging part of this is in finding the right talent within your team to implement these valuable services. That can easily be solved by having white label partners like us.

What is white label marketing services?

White label marketing services such as Facebook Ads, Adwords and SEO is a type of service fulfilled by another company but rebranded to your company. End users or clients will not be able to know that it is white label services because the branding, reporting, and communication will be to your agency.

How does white label facebook ads work?

In our white label agency, our main service is Facebook Ads. Agency partners who engaged with our white label were given almost every support to rebrand to their agency. Professionally done Facebook ads reports, team’s email and signature, communications and every other tool are being rebranded to agency partners’ brand.

With the world-class communication and dedicated project managers assigned to client’s campaign, white labels are definitely a great way to scale your agency business without going through the pain of hiring your own in-house talent and groom them before they become really competent. This is a very painful process taking a lot of your resources, time and effort to grow an in-house team.

There is a trick to master in order to build a successful agency based on white label offering.

Not all products or eCommerce will perform well even if you have the best Facebook Ads strategy. As an agency owner, you need to filter clients’ products and niche before you agree to onboard their products.

We always advise our agency partners to filter potential clients based on several questions below.

  • How much is your current cost per acquisition (CPA)?

  • What is your current return on ad spend (ROAS)?

  • What is the size of your existing email list?

  • Do you have SEO / Adwords campaigns running? If yes, how much traffic are coming through it every month?

  • What is your website add to cart rate?

  • What is your conversion rate?

  • If we are able to get you X4 in ROAS, how much are you willing to spend in order to scale the business?

By knowing all of these, you will better understand the eCommerce current baseline and what are the chances of you being able to scale well.

Try to stay away from dropshipping businesses that just started, even if they are willing to pay you a lot. From our experience, dropshipping entrepreneurs are very impatient. They want quick ROAS. But how we see it is that they don't really care how people would respond to their dropshipping products.

For us, these clients are the worst clients to onboard.

Another approach before signing a contract with eCommerce clients is to run a 1-week trial campaign. This is not only to test if their product works but to actually get the feel of working with the client. Look at how they treat your team members. Is your team happy with the client’s communication?

These are really important points because you don’t want to onboard nasty and toxic clients that will demotivate your team.

The digital economy gigs and how easy it is to start an agency

The internet is even more powerful than you could ever imagine. Gone are the days where you have to be crazy good at sales and meetup clients for a sales pitch. I mean, yes you still need to have basic sales technique, but sales can be done virtually on almost any platforms out there.

Take a look at Facebook. It’s no longer a social networking site just for millennials. Every digital entrepreneur is literally active on Facebook. Even if you’re into a B2B driven business, there is always Facebook groups for that niche.

Personally, all my clients are actively participating, communicating and having conversations in groups. It’s no longer just for friends and family. Potential partners and lead generation done right is so powerful through Facebook.

There are few digital agencies that pivot from being an agency into a paid mastermind and they rake 8 figures revenues yearly.

This means to say that you can start an agency even just by hustling and joining the conversations in groups. This is the term I call “Give and give before you take” or building your good karma in groups.

But this is not just agencies. I have a friend who started a Shopify app, raised to top 10 Shopify app within just a year just by relying on helping people with Shopify issues on Facebook groups.

Just relying on Facebook groups, I see a lot of entrepreneurs create a thriving agency business and I believe it will continue to be effective for many years to come. Aside from Facebook, there are many other freelance platforms out there such as Upwork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour.

Do they all work well to help you find agency clients? Definitely! The only key to unlock this lucrative business is your dedication and commitment. Don't give up easily when you face rejections. Instead, constantly push because it really works.

The white label opportunities for digital agency owners.

Now that you know what is a while label and how to go deep into services, what are other white label services that you can upsell to your clients?

Here is a breakdown of digital marketing white label that you can offer your client with our trusted partners.

The SaaS white label hack that will double your agency revenue.

Having a digital agency is a lucrative business. Digital marketing white label is not the only service that you can sell to your clients. SaaS (Software as a service) tools will also add great values to your clients’ businesses.

Think about an eCommerce, they will definitely need CRM (customer relationship management), user-generated content s(reviews), social management tools, email tools, among others.

The trick to sell SaaS and earn affiliate and passive money is through promoting the solution to the client. Clients will use SaaS and stick for it for years.

Ask yourself this question: How can you convince clients to switch from MailChimp to let's say a SaaS that you are promoting, ie. Smartmail? Well, if you have done much research and personally tested the SaaS, it’s far better by leaps. SmartMail is able to help eCommerce convert better sales especially eCommerce. Do clients know about this? Do they know the strategies to use for SmartMails? No, they don’t know any shit. This is why if you want to diverse your agency earning and start promoting SaaS, you have to test it and utilize the tools as much as you can before onboarding your clients.

However, most SaaS out there is only offering a small percentage as an affiliate. Some didn’t even bother to promote affiliate especially when they are starting out. So there is a lot of work to do if you want to secure a high affiliate commission. If you want to skip the headache in negotiating, drop me a message at gerald@whitelabels.agency and I will guide you on this.

Imagine a client’s lifetime value (LTV) for a SaaS is at $2K. With an average of 8-10 SaaS that every eCommerce client will use, that’s probably about $20K in LTV. Imagine 30% of $20K and that’s pretty much passive income that you can scale.

How to growth hack your agency with referral strategy

For many agency owners, their main source of clients is word of mouth or referral. However, there are still a lot of agency owners who don’t know how to get referral properly and tend to do a hard pitch when it comes to asking for business.

The real psychology behind why people are referring other clients to you is because they are happy with the service and being given incentives at the right timing.

For us, we have seen great referral conversions when we realized client is being satisfied and wanted to help when being asked nicely.

Below are sample conversations I send to clients when asking for referrals.

1. Thanks for being a great client to us! Do you have any friends or acquaintance that you know are looking for Facebook ads help that you think we will do a great job and make you proud?


2. It has been great working with you ;). Do let us know if you know someone who will benefit from working with us especially on Facebook Ads. Would love to buy you a coffee and a nice dinner if someone you recommend would be interested to have a call with us.

Many have said that the agency business model is very hard to scale and it’s definitely true. But remember that agency business requires zero capital to start. And if done right, it can cross 8 figures business.


Gerald Ming