How This Solopreneur scaled his Facebook Ads agency by 5000% within 6 months

How This Solopreneur scaled his Facebook Ads agency by 5000% within 6 months

Here is the truth. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert in Facebook Ads in order to start an agency. Why? Let me tell you a real story by our agency partners who white label our Facebook ads.


In actual, you need to learn on how to be good at sales, especially selling Facebook Ads campaign to clients. Like almost any other products, selling through Facebook Ads requires you to know the jargons. But the good news is, its really easy especially for those who are already exposed to the internet marketing terms such as CPA (Cost per acquisition), ROAS (Return of Ad spend), LTV (lifetime value), AOV (Average order value), among others.


You don’t have to understand everything like in doing the actual execution. But it’s necessary for you to be knowledgeable on the terminologies and methodologies, and be able to explain clearly to clients.


For example, clients usually ask how you scale a Facebook ads campaign. Being able to explain this confidently will definitely help in convincing your prospect. There are lots of methodologies you can learn and use such as Ezra Firestone scaling method (Video ads strategy), vertical scaling, horizontal scaling, and many more. Reading the articles may not make you an expert overnight, but if you make a conscious effort to improve daily, you’ll be very good on those methodologies sooner than you think.


Alongside with that is, of course, you also need to learn on how to charge clients, contracts terms and condition, and creating proper invoices. Once you onboard several clients, you will be mastering these skill sets easily.


Table of contents:

What is white label Facebook Ads

Why agencies choose white label Facebook ads

How agency partners grew by 5000% within 6 months

Benefits of Facebook ads white labels

Things you should learn about white labels agency


What is white label Facebook Ads?


White label Facebook Ads is where you sell Facebook Ads campaign to clients, and fully managed by other company but operating under your agency brand. It’s a very popular white label service in recent years because a lot of business / eCommerce owners wanted to advertise on Facebook to get more sales. Most of them don’t mind working with agency remotely regardless of geographic restriction making it a very lucrative and good business to scale.


Why agencies choose white label Facebook ads?


The main reason agencies chose white label Facebook Ads is because it's easy to scale. Ask agency entrepreneurs and you’ll learn that scaling an agency is extremely difficult. Hiring talent is hard and they may not stay very long. Agency owners find it ideal to choose white label Facebook Ads as a solution to scale.


Aside from that, partnering with white label Facebook ads not only scale your agency business but also provide in-depth values and insights into running better campaigns.


It takes years for talents to learn all the strategies and insights, but partnering with providers like us will instantly position your agency brand as the expert.


How agency partners grew by 5000% within 6 months


Take our client [undisclosed] is a great person and is the founder of [undisclosed] agency. About a year and a half ago, He started his agency and focused on Facebook ads for eCommerce. But within a month into the business, like every other solopreneurs who offer Facebook ads service, he hit a major roadblock.


He can’t juggle well between client facing - sales part and also scaling his clients' campaign. There is no way he can break through in the business if he is also required to constantly work on the campaign which takes up a lot of his time.


When he found us and knowing that we specialize in Facebook Ads for eCommerce, He started to work with us with all the campaigns that he signed up. Within a couple of months, his agency scaled to over 15 clients and been very profitable.


Facebook Ads white label is very important if you’re just starting a Facebook Ads Agency. Every internet Guru and speaker will tell you about how lucrative it is to start a Facebook Ads agency, but nobody will tell you how difficult it is to scale.


If you are serious about growing your Facebook Ads agency, talk to us and get ideas on how to scale


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Benefits of Facebook ads white labels


For most startup agencies, white labels are the key to growing and scale their agency. Below are the key points, the main reasons why you should consider white labels.


  • White labels will solve your difficulty in hiring talents and keeping them

  • We are constantly up to date with the latest scaling techniques. You don’t have to run experiments and discover the latest techniques. As a result, you’ll save your resources such as time and money.

  • You don’t have to resolve any technical issues with FB campaigns anymore. We handle everything from pixel troubleshooting, writing ads copy, campaign optimizations, daily monitoring and reporting. You only need to take care of clients’ payment.

  • We have project managers to communicate with your team/client’s team. They are well trained having vast experience with scaling campaigns worldwide.

Gerald Ming