The Ugly Truth About Starting An Facebook Ads Agency That You Should Know

Last year while Travis and I was in San Francisco for some GrowthX events, we were connected to some of the earliest internet venture builders such as Will bunkers who started the first dating website which was sold to Match, and several other entrepreneurs who are actively involved in the startup scene.


Something really hit us hard when they get to know that we are scaling our digital agency.


“Agency is a bad business model. Actually its not a business model at all.” We were literally speechless but there are some reflection to agency hustle.


  1. Its extremely hard to scale agency.

  2. Agency-client relationship is terrible

  3. There is no exponential growth at all.

  4. Its low value service that can easily replace by talent


Sounds familiar to you? In fact this is the real truth about agency business. This is why so many agency founders pivot to building their SaaS and product as offering.


However, the good side about starting a digital agency is that agency is good start for solopreneurs who wants to make a good living.


There are plenty of clients that you can acquire from social media and freelance platform like Upwork.


This is also the main reason why we started because we noticed that there are so many solopreneurs who started their Facebook Ads agency and couldn’t grow their business due to Facebook ads optimisation issue.


On the average, most of our agency partners who engaged us for Facebook Ads white label are being able to grow their clients by 5-8 new clients every month.


Take an example of our client, [Undisclosed] the founder is a great sales person. About a year and half ago, he started his agency and focused on Facebook ads for eCommerce. Within a month into the business, like every other solopreneurs who offer Facebook ads service, he hit a major roadblock.


He can’t juggle well between client facing - sales part and also scaling his clients campaign. There is no way he can break through in the business if he is required to constantly work on the campaign.


When he found us and knowing that we specialise in Facebook Ads for eCommerce, He started to work with us with all the campaigns that he sign up. Within couple of months, his agency scaled to over 15 clients and being very profitable.


It’s very important if you are starting a Facebook Ads Agency. Every internet Gurus and speaker tells you about how lucrative it is to start an Facebook Ads agency, but nobody tells you how difficult it is to scale.


If you are serious about growing your Facebook Ads agency, talk to us and get an idea how to scale

Gerald Ming