7 digital marketing white labels services to offer to your agency client.

Couple months ago when I was in San francisco attending one of the Growth X talk hosted by founder Sean Sephard, there is something that strikes me hard as an entrepreneur who runs a small digital agency.


“As the matter of fact the key to grow a successfull SaaS or any business in general, is not to cast the net as wide as you can, but to dive deep and provide true values to your client”


This is true, as my reflection for running agency for about more than 6 years now. I have always been offering something which I’m good at (Facebook Ads) and didn’t bother to explore other stuff until I spend more time with my client and realised I can offer so much more for my client.


For agency owners out there that seeking ways on how to provide more values and increase your sales, Im breaking down the services here that you may consider upselling to your client.


  1. SEO

Search engine optimisation has been around for more than 15 years, the hype of selling SEO is no longer the trendy service anymore. However from my experience, most eCommerce / businesses will find SEO the most powerful strategy to grow the business.


However, the problem with selling SEO can be a risky thing to offer if you don’t understand how it really work. Try to avoid from shady link builders because it may really bring more harm then help rankings. You may read more about our SEO white labels here.


   2.Facebook Ads

Facebook is definitely the most happening channel among all the paid ads. By far this is the most lucrative and easiest service to upsell your client. If you are running a web development agency , adding Facebook Ads service as retainer offer to your client will definitely shoot up your agency earning.


However there is a catch to this.


You need to learn how to chase after the ideal customer.  Not all business can be a good FB ads retainer. We learned that eCommerce is the best type of retainer because when we make good ROI, they will stick to us for years. You may learn about Facebook Ads white label in this page I created.


    3.Sales funnels


Sales funnels became really interesting when Russell Brunson started Clickfunnels and turn the industry upside down for good. I have seen and worked with several business that became internet empire just through a good and well optimised sales funnel. At White Labels, we have a group of partners that specialised in Funnels and you may read more here.


    4.Google Adwords


Despite not much agency is focusing on Google Adwords these days, however it still plays an very important channel for lots of business, especially eCommerce.


It’s less noisy and better buying intent. Usually it’s very profitable if campaign is well optimised but the truth is that not much agency wanted to focus in Adwords anymore because every business owners wanted to run ads on Facebook.


However from our experience, Google adwords has better Return of Ad Spend (ROAS) and longer client spent among other channels. You may read more in details here.


   5.Chat bot strategy


Who doesn’t love technology? In fact, digital marketing landscape have changed so much over the years especially in 2017 when platforms such as Manychat and Chatfuel gain good traction.


If you are hanging out in Facebook groups, everyone is selling chat bot!


The beautify if this piece of marketing technology is that, it does really bring good values to client. You may read our chat bot strategy here.


     6. PR Outreach


PR still plays a very important strategy for businesses, especially tech driven startups. This offering is good if client have additional funds to run marketing because doing a good PR can cost alot but very rewarding for brands that wanted to focus on brand awareness.


     7. Influencer Strategy


Influencer marketing is going to be the next big thing in agency. We have agency partners ditched digital marketing services and build influencer agency because its the most lucrative agency in the market right now.


If you love connecting with people, working with social celebrities and networking, influencer marketing can be a good offering for your agency.

Gerald Ming