White Label Social Media — Only for Serious Agencies

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Do you need help with your social media agency? Maybe you have too many clients (with some being very demanding) to handle and they all have many campaigns to run in the coming months. Your staff may feel overworked and that is certainly a cry for help.

You cannot continue to bring in more work once you fill up your employees to their full capacity, and expect them to complete their work within tight deadlines.

So how can you take in more projects to work on, have more clients to serve, and still be able to make more money without burning out your staff?

White label social media management is the answer.

When you use white label social media, you partner with a white label social media management company that helps you make content recommendations, increase social media engagement, build social media accounts, and take care of everyday tasks like updating content provided by your clients.

If you are serious about social media and content management, white label social media is for you. Read on to learn more about it.

Why Choose White Label Social Media

There are many reasons to why you should outsource your social media management to a trusted partner. One of the reasons is: you cannot do everything alone. That said, you need someone to help you so you could do other important things, like find more clients and make more money.

Just because someone tells you that they can do it for you, does not mean you should quickly partner with them. It is likely that the partnership is going to be a long-term one, so you need to make sure that you choose the best one out of the bunch. You may want to:

  • Achieve world-class results.

  • Partner with a white label social media expert that has worked with many different agency partners at scaling their social media marketing.

  • Work with a white label social media provider that can show you proven and effective white label strategies.

  • Trust your business with an agency that has a strong team of social media specialists dedicated to support your social media campaigns.

You should only work with a white label social media management company when you already have a good product. A good product is a product that people want or need. In other words, there is a demand for such a product and the product fits in the market.

It is pointless to work with a white label social media management company if you do not even know about your market fit.

If you have yet to know about your market fit, you may need to invest time and resources to learn more about your market development and collaborate with the right white label social media management company to help you find the right fit.

Once you know your market fit, it will be easier to collaborate with a white label social media management company and work on marketing campaigns that will target consumers, create engagement and convert them into paying customers.

Choosing the Right White Label Social Media Management Company

Likewise, there are many white label social media management companies out there. Picking the right one is vital to the success of your white label partnership.

Use Case Studies to Help You Manage Your Expectations

One of the ways to know if a white label social media management company is competent and reliable is by asking for the company’s case studies. You have every right to do so. Look at every one of them and check out what other companies has the white label social media management company worked with.

Are those companies big players or startups? For how long did they work together? What were the results like?

Some white label social media management companies have their case studies shared on their websites or blogs, while some only showcase testimonials given by past or current clients.

If you do not see any case study (but just testimonials) on their websites, request to see their case studies. This will tremendously help you in deciding on who to work with, or if you are getting the best deal there is.

Read Reviews or Testimonials

As mentioned earlier, some white label social media management companies have case studies shown on their websites, while some only have testimonials given by their customers. Some have both case studies and testimonials displayed on their websites.

Read the testimonials and see what other said about the companies. Some customers are very detailed when leaving testimonials. Read them because some testimonials will help you get an idea about the people behind the company.

When working with a white label social media management company, it is crucial to have a good relationship and smooth communication with your partner to avoid misunderstandings.

Don’t just look at the testimonials on their websites. Go ahead and look for reviews elsewhere, like Facebook.

Compare Prices

In the end, it always goes down to pricing and what you could afford. If you have a small business with small marketing budget, go for the cheapest package there is, provided that it fulfills your marketing needs.

A good social media management package typically includes:

  • Audience research

  • Ads copy

  • Ads image

  • A/B testing

  • Proven scaling strategies

And of course, clear communication and excellent customer service.

Take a look at every package you see and compare them to your social media needs. Are they worth spending money on? Can you find better deals? Are there any promotions so you could get better prices? How will your choice impact your business?

At the end of the day, you want to keep your clients happy and help them scale your business as well as yours.

So How Does a White Label Social Media Marketing Work?

There are several stages that all clients may need to go through when working with a white label social media management company. If you are marketing on Facebook, here are the steps:

1. Market Persona Research

Once a client has confirmed a package, the white label team will get them started and connect them with a specialist in order to create a complete market persona chart.

2. Ideal Customer Profile

The specialist will them create an ideal customer profile using the client’s buyers history to focus on low hanging fruits and monetise the right audience as soon as their campaign starts.

3. Facebook Early Validation

The white label social media management company will run an early campaign between 7 and 14 days to identify the audience that will convert. This will not only give them enough insights on scaling strategies, but also data and metrics that help them identify the cost per acquisition (CPA) and return of ad spend (ROAS).

4. Daily Ads Optimisation

This stage involves testings and crafting strategies. The white label social media management company will ensure that the client’s campaign gets optimised and their client’s audiences tested. These audiences come from the client’s blogs, email list of subscribers, social pages, and more.

5. Ads Copywriting

Content plays a huge role in social media management. The white label social media management company will assist you with that and craft world-class ads copy that will resonate to your target audience and eventually convert them into paying customers. In order to make sure that ad campaign is relevant to target audience, the social media management company will make sure that all contents are proofread before they go live.

6. Campaign Scaling Strategy

The white label social media management company will explain to the client about their scaling strategy and how their method can benefit the client.

7. Communication

The social media management company will brief their client about the communication process. Depending on the package they choose, communication can be done via email, slack or Skype.

The stages described above apply to Facebook ad management. If you need a white label social media service specialising in Google Ads, then the stages can be slightly different although not much.

What do you think of white label social media? If you think it will make your life easier, go on and partner with a white label social media management company today. Of course, choose your partner wisely.

Gerald Ming