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How we grew the eCommerce from $10K / month to about $100K within 6 months through Facebook Ads and Adwords

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Do we completely hide our identity?

Yes! From PPC campaign audit, onboarding the campaign and optimisation strategy we will completely hide our identity or use your agency brand.

Do we provide branded PPC report for client?

Yes! All of our PPC reporting , PPC proposals and growth strategy will be branded to your agency.

Do we managed 100% of the PPC accounts?

Yes. We have in-house team of more than 15 PPC specialist and 3 account managers. The PPC campaigns will 100% be fulfilled by our team.

How do we get started with PPC campaign?

To get started, we will request access via email and prepare for PPC audit. Once audit is done we will share with agency partners and decide if we are confident to scale the campaign.

How much is the PPC white label fees?

For PPC white labels, we charge about $850/ month one flat rate.


Some of the PPC strategy that we will include as below


PPC retargeting

Google shopping ads.

Combining FB ads with Google Adwords.

Using Chatbot in PPC effort

Applying social influence into PPC

PPC landing page audits and optimisation

PPC lead generation optimisation

Mobile and desktop PPC optimisation